The Art in Safari

18 12 2017

Great Migration Safari, FiveZero Safaris

Going on Safari is on many peoples bucket lists, and is one of their ‘one day’ dreams, but what about the people who who have already been on safari? In my nearly twenty years on safari, I have met very few people (less than ten) who weren’t bitten by the safari bug. The large majority of people find that their senses are awakened, their busy city minds truly relax, often for the first time in years, and at the end of each day there is an easy conversation that doesn’t involve politics, crime, or the economy.

It can be very easy to assume you have ‘done’ safari after one visit…

To read more and see the images, CLICK HERE!






3 responses

18 12 2017
Kypros Tsentas


That is a nice bulletin! I like the black and white images! Keep it up!

Kypros Tsentas


18 12 2017

Thanks Kypros! 🙂

22 01 2018

Absolutely loved the ART gallery and the great idea – well done you!!

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