Fast and slow

12 02 2010

Every time you set out into the bush, for whatever reason, it is a very good idea to take the camera gear with you!

I was out on a road inspection, and came around a corner to find a mini battle on the go!  The family of Dwarf Mongooses had obviously surprised, and surrounded the Mozambican Spitting Cobra!

The Dwarf Mongooses are not the famed cobra killers, that title belongs to their slightly larger cousins, the Banded Mongoose, but they were certainly keen on seeing if they could find a break in the cobra’s armor!  The snake cleverly coiled itself up, keeping it’s tail tucked in, and then being able to swivel on itself, and face the miniature attackers!

It was filled quick, darting attacks by the mongoose, countered by well aimed strikes, and expertly spat venom.  The snake held it’s own, and at the first sign of defeat by the mongooses, the snake opened up, and sped off into the tall grass, leaving the mongooses looking a little confused!  Being rather busy little feeders, they moved on the opposite direction, and carried on with their day.

On the other end of the mornings mad panic, I decided to slow things down a little!  I spent about 2 hours on one of the clearest nights, photographing star trails, with a massive Tamboti tree in the foreground.  I am really pleased with the result, as there are few things more frustrating than waiting the 2 hours, and being bitterly disappointed, (the previous nights effort was more in that category!).