2012 in review

31 12 2012

Thanks to everyone for all the support during 2012!

I have put together a quick collection of highlights from the year for you, and want to wish you an incredible 2013 with plenty of good sightings, all of them in great light!

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Dear John…

4 07 2011

No one likes being a loser, but sometimes, it happens to the best of us…sort of.
Every year tens of thousands of entries reach the Veolia/BBC WIldlife Photographer of the Year competition, all hoping to be a part of the select few that get accepted. I too was one of those starry eyed individuals, but alas, I have received my Dear John.
The competition sends out the disturbing email notifying you that you were not successful, once all the winners have been chosen. It does, however, let you know if you were on track or not.
I am happy to tell you, that I did ok. Five of my images made the semi finals, which I count as quite an achievement, given the quality of the competition. The five images will be added to the awards page, so have a look there and see all the others that have done well in various competitions.
My only reply to my Dear John, (if it was not one of those “do not reply” emails), would be; I will take it next year!