My Guests

Hey everyone!

Please add your details to this page so that I can contact you and keep you informed… this way all my past guests can chat and discuss what they saw on their safari’s!

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6 06 2009
Shawn Caithness

Hey dude,

Cool blog & pics!!!

The lion and the leopards ass was awesome.

Really keen to check out the trapped being mauled.


24 06 2009

Love this!

28 09 2009
Andy & Trudy Pain


Hello from England!

We’ve just looked at your august photos & they are all great. We think we recognise some of them!

Hope you & Jorgia are well. Take care & good luck with the photo competitions!

20 10 2009

Hi there guys – great to hear from you!
Hope all is well, and thanks for having a look!

3 11 2009

Awesome stuff dude – All of it!!

Love the trap pics, and that Lion vs Badger is just great.

Well done guy, I’m well impressed!!

Looking forward to keeping up to date with this blog.

26 12 2009
Jason & Sarah King

Greetings from California!
Wonderful work. We will definitely keep up with your blog. Can’t wait to see more. Thank you for sharing.

7 10 2010
Maureen & Frank Lorusso

HI Kurt,
We thoroughly enjoyed your knowledge and wit during our safari for the 2 days we were at Tinga in early September. These are fantastic pictures. We’ll stay in touch. Thanks again.
Maureen & Frank

14 01 2011
Stu Porter

Hi Kurt,

Greetings from Stu !

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say many thanks for looking after us on our educational, it was simply awesome !

I had a gander through your blog – MANY awesome pics there, the camera trap stuff is good & different 🙂 if there had been a snow leopard in any of them you would have won the BBC comp long ago 🙂 From the stuff I have seen, it won’t be long before you clean up those awards.
I enjoyed your photos a lot and keep going for it !

Cheers for now


9 09 2011
Newton &Vera 0liveira

Dear Kurt,
Once again, thanks for the great experience you have provided at Mala Mala. You have impressed us with you skills. You are a very good professional and deserve and will certainly be sucsessful in you lifevand projects. Once in Brazil, please call us. Do not forget to send our pics. Best,
Vera and Newton

16 09 2011
Tim Hasluck

Hi Kurt

Fantastic to see your work mate, incredible stuff. Will definitely be following your progress, those photos are incredible!

Keep well

16 09 2011

Thanks Tim! I will keep them coming!

Hope you are keeping well

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