I picked up a camera at the tender age of 9, and took possibly the most awful family portrait of all time.

After my debut click, it was a long, cruel wait to get the film developed, and when I saw my first piece of ‘art’, I was thrilled!  I had actually got the family in the portrait!  ‘Well done me’, I thought!  I guess that was where it all started.  At around the same time, I started taking an interest in wildlife, and spent many hours paging through my parents wildlife books.  The images mesmerized me!

To completely capture a wild animal for just a split second, and have it on record for a life time – that seemed like the dream! Turns out, it is the dream, and so began my journey into photography…

Fast forwarding a few years, I am still living the dream, and doing my best to create wildlife images that truly show the splendour of the subjects I have been so fortunate to photograph.  My images have been lucky enough to be recognised by some of the worlds largest wildlife photographic competitions, including the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2007), Fotocam (2010), Fuji Awards (2006, 2007, 2009, 2011), BBC Wildlife Magazine Camera Trap competition (2010), and a host of smaller, local competitions.  This has led to many images being published worldwide, in various forms of the media.

My desire to photograph has taken me all over the world and bought me back home again.  Luckily, with the digital age well and truly upon us, I don’t have the long, cruel wait for film to be developed, but I am still thrilled every time the image works!

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27 07 2009
Christine Lyons

Hello Kurt!
I’m afraid we misplaced your email. Luckily, Dan was able to remember your website. I’m going to pitch an article on sunny SA. I would love to chat with you about using your photos, perhaps incorporating an ‘interview.’ Interested?
Drop me a note. Hope you are well and enjoying some time off.

17 08 2009

hey Kurt
Beautiful photography! I’ll be writing about you on my blog,, on Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing more of your work soon.

20 02 2010
Jane West

Kurt, I’m Talley’s friend from Bermuda and in looking at your website, I think I might leave my camera home when we come in November! Fool around with the different Mac Books on Talley’s Mac. There are a number of options, sizes, even a teeny one that’s fun to do. I can’t imagine a guest of Ivory not wanting to buy a book of their visit. You need to convince the owners that this is a good marketing tool. They can print Lion Sands all over it. I WISH I had one of our April 2009 trip. But I’m going to order one RIGHT now for our Nov. 2010 trip! I’m sending this website to everyone in our group, and we’re taking over Ivory! See you then, or in Bermuda!!!

22 02 2010

Hi there Jane,

Thanks for having a look at the blog, and for the kind words!
I have been playing on Talleys Mac, and it’s looking good!
I am looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the group in Nov!

Keep well, and I will see you soon!

17 05 2010
greg du toit

Hi Kurt

Congrats !!! I have heard via the grapevine that you have had 3 images go through to the BBC WPY finals. I am a HUGE fan of that competition and was wondering if you could email those three images. I simply just cannot wait until October.

Thanks and a BIG congrats!!!


21 06 2011
Carla Lubbers

Hi Kurt,

Unfortunately we haven”t met you when we were in S.A. in 2007 at your parents house. You absolutely can be proud of your work in photography ! Very beautiful to see all these pictures. I even am proud of you unless I have never met you in person, but know about you by family links. I really hope to meet you in the near future when we are in S.A. or when you decide to visit Holland once. You are more then welcome as our guest..

Hope to meet you once and good luck
Carla Lubbers-Sanders

1 12 2012
Paula Nyman (@pjn1958)

Hi Kurt! I am inviting you to join a Fenestrations Photo Contest at the following link: Here is my post of my photo and it includes a link to your blog! I hope you will enter the contest!

3 12 2012

Thanks Paula, I will have a look!

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