Putting on a show

8 08 2012

Wildlife photography has a lot to do with patience and luck (which often go hand in hand), but I managed to go one better and find a willing participant.  It was a great bit of luck to start with, because spotting the leopard, resting in the fork of a rather dense tree, was tricky.  Once I had settled into the sighting, it became quickly apparent that it was going to be awkward getting photographs.  I had a limited (although lovely) view, and needed her to change her position in the tree.

As if it were scripted, she descended the tree – always fun getting images of a leopard coming down a tree – and kindly moved through a small open area, allowing for more great photographic opportunities.  I followed her for a while, thinking the best was done, but she had other ideas.

She spotted an overturned tree (the handy work of some elephants), climbed up it and sat patiently, allowing me to get into position and click a few frames.  She then moved over to an even better ‘photographic stage’ and posed beautifully, giving me some wonderful head on portraits.  The weather was not ideal, but with the setting she was in, it was possible to get a really interesting image of a leopard going about her day.




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