Playing with time

24 07 2012

They say a change is as good as a holiday, so I bring you all a free holiday!

A little something different from the usual blog posts and stories, I have put together a collection of time I spent away recently on a photographic project.


I was alone on a farm in South Africa’s Free State Province for about a month, (with no electricity and what turned out to be a limited fresh water supply), and had the privilege of close to 30 perfect nights star viewing, coupled with 30 awesome sunsets.  I was struggling to find a way to convey this luxury I had in images, but I think I found the solution.  I have put together a short video, made up of thousands of images captured during that month, which will hopefully do those wide skies justice.





4 responses

24 07 2012
bobi baha

stunning video thank you for sharing

26 07 2012

Thank you Bobi!

15 08 2012
Nature on the Edge

That was inspirational, those skies, the Milky Way, the fabulous colours of sunset…. brilliant production.

16 08 2012

Thank you! I am glad you liked it!

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