Never a dull moment

30 05 2012

Wild dogs, or Cape hunting dogs have to easily be the most exciting mammals from a game drive perspective. They are constantly on the go, moving at speeds that make it quite difficult to keep up with them, even through sparse bush. A good-sized pack, lets say 9 members, will most often feed twice a day, leaving photographers with a cramped index finger!

With a great bit of luck, we managed to see a pack on an early morning safari, and even though they were resting and digesting, (they had just finished an unlucky impala), the three youngsters kicked up a bit of action for us to photograph. With wild dogs, there truly never is a dull moment!

As always, it starts with a playful nip to the tail, encouraging the nipped tail to respond with a whip to the side – game on! The owner of the nipped tail, was less keen to partake in this game, and started defending the tail, albeit in a lazy fashion. The fantastic morning light did not hurt one bit either! We got in a good position, and snapped away.

It didn’t take long for them to move off. Constantly on the go, they got up, and in their characteristic gait, trotted off, quicker than we could follow.



One response

4 06 2012

What magnificent photos – how lucky!

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