Fun and games

23 05 2012

There is always that one individual in a group that has the ability to rile up the others. Turns out, zebras are no different.

Out on a morning safari, a particularly frisky zebra was jabbing at the cool temperament of his herd. There was no obvious sign for his boisterous behaviour, but every member of the herd had their share of his attention.

There seemed to be no way out of his fun and games, as even the most mature of the zebras eventually succumbed to his biting and frolicking, and joined in. The mood he was in seemed contagious, as once he was done with one of the members, they in turn would start to harass a different member of the herd, and so on. This of course was great for photography, and I snapped away, spending the better part of an hour watching this chap getting on everyone’s nerves. I caught another lucky break; the overcast conditions, usually not a photog’s friend, meant that I had no limitations on the direction that I photographed. Glorious, as the zebras moved quite quickly back and forth past the vehicle. The most difficult part of the whole sighting, was trying to keep up with the action. There was so much going on; it was tricky to work out which way to point the camera!

It didn’t last forever though. The big stallion put an end to the youngster’s playtime with a swift kick to the neck. That settled everyone down instantly, and they continued with their day.



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