It’s all about the ladies.

26 04 2012

Males cannot be held accountable for their actions when there is an obliging lady nearby! These two water monitor lizards were engaged in a battle royale when I happened upon them during an afternoon safari. The sound and proximity of the land rover didn’t deter the two combatants one bit, as they put on quite a show.
They were embraced in the typical lizard fighting position – grappling on their back legs, but being of similar size and strength found themselves almost stuck in that position. Both were bleeding when I arrived ringside, so I think they had been holding that stance for a while! Someone had to make the first move…

I am not sure if it was strength from the aggressor or fatigue from the recipient, but one of the massive lizards managed to throw the other to the floor, and get some sort of hold on him. The controlled grapple dissipated into a free for all on the mat, and chaos/panic ensued. During all the commotion, the female very casually observed the bout from the sunny entrance to her den, waiting for the victor. Lucky lass!

When on the floor, the tables turned and the chap that had just been unceremoniously dumped by his rival, ended up with an opportunity to bite his opponent’s leg. Being war – where all is fair – he took his chance, and sunk his teeth into a juicy bit of what turned out to be the loser. The leg hold panicked the now three-limbed lizard, and he made a break with the champ in hot pursuit.
Only when he was sure his challenger had fled the scene for good, did he walk back to his lady. With the typical dinosaur style swagger, exaggerated with victory, he epitomised cool and alpha male!



2 responses

17 05 2013

The things we all do for women!

Great retelling of the story and I enjoyed the surprise ending. I figured the other guy was going to be the victor and enjoy the spoils of war!

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17 05 2013

Thanks Jimmy, I am glad you liked this story!

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