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22 02 2012

Sometimes, things don’t sit just right, and when they need to be moved, you should do just that! That is exactly what happened on an afternoon safari, when a young female leopard wasn’t feeling very confident with her hidden stash.

The leopard had caught the unfortunate impala two nights before the move. It was a good-sized impala, and she is a small leopard, so she was set for a good few days of solid feeding. It had been placed neatly in a marula tree, and lay (very) comfortably on one of the bigger branches, which may have been the problem. The kill, although safe from scavenging hyaenas, was exposed to the sky, meaning that the vultures looking for a cheap meal, would eventually spot the carcass, and give away the position of the leopard. Playing it smart, she decided to move the kill to a tree with more cover.

The lovely little leopard timed her move perfectly – when I was there with cameras loaded! She gave me a great show, moving with such grace and ease through the tree, taking her prey down the tree (after posing of course), moving it to the new hideout, and then hoisting it again!

I was thrilled to get the entire spectacle on camera; it didn’t hurt that the afternoon sun was nicely positioned behind me…




4 responses

23 02 2012

How lucky you are – or should I say how patient you are. What a wonderful thing to see. Keep up the good work.

23 02 2012
Carla Lubbers-Sanders

And again, absolutely wonderful. You have a beautiful job !!!! and of course you must be lucky and patient to get these kind of shots (and you must be very GOOD in what you do I think!). Is this possible on film also or is making pictures better ?

Lots of succes.

23 02 2012

Thank you both! Carla, I prefer making the photographs, but do film occasionally if the scene calls for it.

23 02 2012
Carla Lubbers-Sanders

I enjoy your blog, thank you for sharing these beautiful moments with us.

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