The former Jackass

8 02 2012

A short distance away from the hustle and bustle of Cape Town’s beautiful people live two colonies of African penguins. I took some time recently to pop down and see how the little chaps were doing.

I got lucky with some really good weather, and, given the time of year, I got even luckier with the small number of tourists at the colony sites! The viewing platforms can be a little limiting for photography, but the sunlight came pouring over my shoulders, giving me both great lighting and a nasty sunburn. The other bit of luck I needed was to see one or two of the penguins having a swim around. When they exit the water, it is great fun to watch, and photograph – fortunately, several of the penguins obliged accordingly, and I had some fun snapping away as they negotiated the waves.

Probably the hardest part of the day was singling out one or two individuals, as they all crowd together, making clean portraits surprisingly difficult. One of the bonuses though, is that they have all become so used to the masses of tourists, that you can get really close, (advisable to stay just out of biting distance), and take some different style photographs.

I was pleased with my outing, and thankful that the penguins played along, as I got some lovely images of the humourous characters that hang out at the bottom of the African continent.



2 responses

23 02 2012
Carla Lubbers-Sanders

We have seen these in SA as well together with your fam. They are so funny. I might use one of your pictures to make a little statue in soapstone.
Hope to see more of your work, (or even meet you once.)

23 02 2012

I am glad you like them, and the pics!

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