A well kept secret

30 01 2012

So the little leopard cub that was so photographically obliging a few months ago, (https://kurtjaybertels.wordpress.com/2011/09/23/cute-vs-cute-part-2/), was holding onto a secret – one which was revealed in the last light of a great afternoon safari!

I had been down to the den site numerous times to see if I could get a few more shots of the little fella, but was unsuccessful every time. On what seemed like a pointless bet, I gave it one last throw of the dice, and came up trumps!
I caught a glimpse of a leopard as I was approaching the rocky outcrop, but it seemed a little too big to be the star of the Cute vs. Cute showdown. When I got within a decent distance, it turned out it was the mother of the cub, and as a bonus, the now slightly larger cub was out and about, annoying it’s mother tirelessly. The two leopards groomed and played with each other for a glorious half an hour, providing many great gigs worth of photos!
Almost instantly, the fun and games stopped. The cub bolted off behind the rocks, and was out of sight. The mother paid no attention, so I waited with her, hoping the cub would come back, and the clicking of the cameras could continue.
The little spotted head appeared from behind the rocks, and I aimed the camera in that direction… While I was looking through the lens, a second little head appeared! The little blighter has a sibling!
The clicking went into overdrive, and I was sure that someone’s shutter was about to catch fire!
The happy threesome got a little more mobile with their playful antics, and the light was fading fast, which made things a touch more difficult. I did manage to get in some good shots before they moved off through the rocks though, which will keep me happy until I manage to find them again!



5 responses

30 01 2012

They are the most beautoful animals! Well done!

30 01 2012

They are indeed! Thanks!

23 02 2012
Carla Lubbers-Sanders

These “Spikkelpaks” are very beautiful and as they are playing they look so not dangerous! Like my daughters cat (which I am babysitting now because of their holiday) . Not comparible of course but still…., cats are beautiful the way they move. Can understand why you like them!

14 03 2012
manjoo singh


14 03 2012


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