Always nice.

1 12 2011

I got a lovely piece of news recently. I managed to get an image into the Fuji/Getaway Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011!
This competition is the biggest competition in Africa, so it is always nice to be a part of it! The competition was stiff, as it always is, with great talent being showcased from around the continent.
My image, Celebrity, sneaked into the ‘People in Nature’ category; a category that highlights the relationship between humans and wildlife. I have tried images like this for years, and came close, but this particular image had a little something extra.
It is a competition I have won before (2006), and the dream of a second win is still on the cards, so keep an eye on next years awards…

Fuji Award 2011



4 responses

2 12 2011

Hey, well done you…
Please tell us that your blog won’t be stopping – it brings a little bit of sanity and class through good writing and art respectively into a mad world…

2 12 2011

This is magnificent. I’ve no doubt that you’ll get there again. Good luck !

2 12 2011

Thanks! Don’t worry, the blog will keep going!

23 02 2012
Carla Lubbers-Sanders

Absolutely beautiful, you have got my vote!!
Hoop you get it. Succes.

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