A good old fashioned beat down

20 11 2011

Madness! That is the only way to describe it! Pure, sharp toothed, claw extended madness! It all started quite peacefully but ended up being a good old fashioned beat down!
I found a young male lion, moving through the bush with a purpose. At this point, I am sure his intention did not match the eventual outcome! He had picked up on a scent, and was moving quickly towards its owner. Nose to the ground, he gathered momentum, closing in.
Unknowingly, he found himself in the boxing ring. He stood still, quizzically looking at the pride of lions he had been tracking, and watched, confused, as the oldest female in the pride came barrelling towards him, teeth exposed, ready for action. It almost seemed as though he didn’t think she would follow through, because he just stood there, processing. I, however, had fully processed and lifted the camera!
The bush was quite thick, so I drove, hurriedly some would say, to get ringside seats. As luck would have it, I ended up right next to the fight (almost too close – for comfort anyway), and what followed was a blur of shutter; lions fighting; dust; shutter; lions fighting; hair; shutter; lions fighting; teeth; shutter!
The young male got taught a serious lesson in approaching unfamiliar prides! The two females got hold of him, and gave him a quick once over, while the sub adults in the pride, although keen to engage, stood in their mothers corner and took it all in!
He managed to pop out of the attack seemingly unhurt. He had some blood on his head, but I don’t think it hurt as much as the bruised ego!
Somewhere in all the madness, the shutter clicked at the right time, and I got some pretty cool images!




4 responses

21 11 2011

What a wonderful sighting! Magnificent!

21 11 2011

Thanks! Lets hope you get something similar!

23 02 2012
Carla Lubbers-Sanders

Kurt, this is absolutely beautiful. Got the link to your weblog from your proud Dad and your sister Laurie. Most be so wonderful to be able to watch all these beautiful animals and the way they live. We only have Zoo’s to see a little piece of it.
Lots of succes.
Carla Lubbers-Sanders (the Netherlands)

23 02 2012

It is a privilege to see and photograph these amazing animals!

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