Cute vs Cute: A surprise late entry!

28 10 2011

Just when the judges were tallying up their scores, a surprise late entry into the cutest cub competition enters the fray, and they are hard to ignore!
The entry was in fact so late, that the ringside announcer went home, leaving me to do the honours. At a cool 30 pounds combined, a matching his and hers combination from the deep south, born from the belly of National Geographic’s hyaena queen herself… two little hyaena cubs!
(I don’t think I quite managed to pull off the ringside voice.)

These two little chaps have been quietly growing up under a massive rock in the southern most reaches of the reserve, unbeknownst to us, until now. A bit of luck, well, mostly guess work, led to the discovery of the den site a few weeks ago. Patience turned out to be the key, as they were rather nervous at first of the massive Land Rover parking on top of their rocky fortress. This was until we were lucky enough to be there when the mother arrived back at the den site, and introduced her youngsters to the vehicle. Since then, it has taken a few trips down south to get useable shots of these little guys, but it has been well worth the wait!

I fully understand that hyaenas are not everyone’s cup of tea, no thanks to Disney there, but look at these faces! How could you not give them a vote in the cutest cub throw down?

Check out the poll at the end, and cast your vote!




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