This is getting ridiculous!

5 09 2011

I am running the risk of being called a liar – but it’s worth it to bring you a little friend I have affectionately named…number 4!

I have been going on over the last few months,(The good luck continues; It took a while to find it) about the seldom seen pangolin, and how lucky I have been to see them, but the rumours seem to be losing momentum, as a lifetime fourth popped up!
This is the first one I have seen at night, surprising, as they are mostly nocturnal, and gave me the chance to try using the spotlight to light the scaly subject up.
It was great to see him roll up into his defensive ball, then poke his head out just a bit, to see which direction was the safest, followed by a charge for the tall grass.
The greatest challenge, however, was not the lighting, nor trying to find the head, but trying not to loose yourself in the moment, and forget that the lions, leopards and hyaenas do not stop prowling through the night, because you want to photograph a pangolin!
With a little help, I managed to stay on the right side of trouble, and have added a few shots to the pangolin library that I am proud of.




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6 09 2011

This is awesome – you are really blessed!!

6 09 2011


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