You little beauty

24 08 2011

In wildlife photography, there is only one thing better than luck – a relaxed individual! Combine the two, and you will get images that I never dreamed possible!
A young serval kitten has recently left her mother, and is starting life out on her own. Surprisingly, she seems very relaxed about the business of surviving!

Now, finding servals is not easy, (see Slightly smaller spots.), but finding them in the day, is a near impossibility! This little lady, however, is going against all the textbooks! She is as relaxed as you like, and seems to be more active in the day, than at night. This makes photographing her a whole lot easier! It also helps, that if you are patient enough, she walks right up to you, and poses beautifully!
I was patient enough; she posed beautifully!

At one point, she smoothed past a LBJ, (little brown job – a term for an unknown bird {turned out to be a Cisticola}), and I thought I was in for the shot of a lifetime, (see the serval flying through the air, bird in claws), but after a quick look, she decided to keep at the mice, her meal of choice. She did catch one or two, but in a scrappy fashion, (read: No photos), not the usual glamorous leap they are famous for. I will keep trying for that shot!

I will continue hanging around the areas where she has been seen, as this treat might not last forever. Whatever happens, I will definitely let you know!




2 responses

25 08 2011

Thank goodness you are patient! They’re beautiful Kurt. keep up the good work

25 08 2011

Thanks! I will keep them coming!

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