A messy little miracle

10 08 2011

The miracle of birth…
An often romanticised idea of new life entering the world, wrapped up in a towel, with the doting parents covered in smiles and pride.
This is not how it works in the buffalo world – I can assure you!

It is a very uneventful, emotionless affair, with the little blighter being dropped into the dry winter grass in a slump of buffalo and afterbirth.
The rest of the herd didn’t even break rhythm from their cud chewing to take notice of the little fella as he joined the team.

We all know that the lions enjoy a good buffalo every now and again, and our newbie, by default, instantly became target number one! The trick to beating this unfortunate start, is to get up and moving as quickly as possible. Like a heavyweight boxer after taking a good right, the fourteen minute old buffalo calf wobbled around trying to find his legs. No more than two and a half minutes later, he was able to follow his mother! This was an amazing a feat as the actual birth! It was a solid effort from the wide eyed young gun, as his journey from cute, young calf to grumpy old male began.




4 responses

10 08 2011

Your blogs make my day! You live in a little slice of paradise!

10 08 2011

Thanks Anne! Always good to hear!

10 08 2011
Zoe Mulholland

Once again, you’ve captured a moment one would be so fortunate to see! Amazing pics Kurt! 2 1/2 months to go!! Can’t wait to be back in the bush!!

11 08 2011

Thanks Zoe! I hope you have some great sightings! (And get great pics!)

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