A minor disagreement

12 07 2011

When two of the big heavies meet up, there are bound to be a few words said.
I was present at just such a meeting, and managed to capture some of the more extreme moments on camera!
Two large, territorial rhinos met up in the river to discuss possible the relocation of the current boundary lines. Both were current territory holders, so the meeting was not as intense as it could have been, (the younger ‘up and comers’ usually put down a fight that ends up with the loser dying), but the boundary was the river, and the river means life, so it was a heated discussion to say the least!

It looked more like an unfortunate piece of timing, rather than a deliberate fight, where the two large bulls just happened upon each other at the rivers edge, and began tussling, as two large bulls that have just happened upon each other do. It took a while for the combatants to commit, but when they did, the dust flew!
The force they hit each other with was astounding, and weighing in at a little over two tones each, the horns pack a nasty punch!
Being seasoned veterans, they managed to defend most of their opponent’s attacks, and no serious injuries were sustained, but both were left with less blood than when they started.

Quite suddenly, amongst all the commotion, it all ended. Each male took a moment for a quick drink of water, and then headed in opposite directions, one moving west, the other east. It seems as though, after sizing the other up, they both agreed that the river was a suitable boundary, and left it at that.




One response

12 07 2011

How magnificent! Wish our unions could sort things out so quickly! Keep up the good work Kurt.

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