The good luck continues!

13 06 2011

It took five years to find my second pangolin, (see:, and I thought at that point I was in for another long and hard wait to tick off number three. I was wrong.
I spotted this strange, shielded mammal scampering off into the grass early this morning, less than a year after the glorious second finding. I was surprised by the speed they move, (speed being used loosely here), and jumped out to have a closer look. Thankfully, there were no other animals around, so we managed to spend just under an hour with the pangolin. It was keen for a walk about, so I actually had a second stab at photographing the face and legs, (when startled, they usually roll up into their characteristic defensive ball, and stay there until the threat, usually a lion or a leopard, is gone), which was a great opportunity. It was relaxed to the point where I struggled to get into a good position, because it kept moving through the grass. It did eventually roll up, giving me a chance at a shot I have always wanted, and let me position myself for his grand exit.
Now the big question… When will pangolin number four show up – I am stupidly optimistic!




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