A small experience

11 04 2011

I have had a good bit of luck recently, with the smallest mammalian carnivore in southern Africa.
The dwarf mongoose, weighing in at a massive 260g, is not an easy animal to photograph, because of its diminutive stature. I came across a termite mound that was full of the little chaps, followed the next day by a lucky sighting of the species in an old tree stump.
Posing beautifully, they allowed me to close enough to capture some of the private family moments.
They usually scurry about, searching for any unsuspecting victims, often an invertebrate of sorts, and don’t really offer up any photographic opportunities. Both sighting were early in the morning, and with winter approaching, the mongoose are spending more time in the open, warming up in the sun.
They are one of the gregarious species of mongoose, so when one is found, it is always a good idea to sit tight and wait, because more will start to appear. Curiosity often gets the better of them, and one by one, they emerge from their termite mound lairs, and investigate what all the fuss is about.
When you are lucky enough to get a quality sighting of a family, it is very entertaining!




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