Bundles of joy

4 04 2011

After much searching and patience, the little bundles of joy I have been so desperate to photograph finally came out of the long grass, and stepped into the open!

A female lion was found about 3 weeks ago, moving her then very small cubs to a new den site.  Ever since then, I have been waiting patiently for her to really bring the cubs out into the open, and allow us a good look at her handy work.  She has finally done just that!

The result has been a few days of absolute joy, as the little cubs learn their way around their world.  The trick with trying to photograph these future kings and queens, is working through and around the grass.  There are still frequent rain storms in the area, and the grass is still much taller than the four little blighters, making it very difficult to get a clean view.

I struck it lucky two days in a row when the mother was resting up near an open patch of sand, and the cubs took to this playground in no time!  They are starting to play more freely around the vehicle, and are stalking and pouncing, running at and biting everything that moves!  It is great fun to watch as they hone the skills they will need later in life – and even more fun trying to photograph it!

I will keep following the little cubs, and hopefully bring you more images soon!  Enjoy!




3 responses

4 04 2011
Zoe Mulholland


You’re killing me with these pics! I am uber-jealous and can’t wait to get back to Africa in November to take some shots of my own! Hope all is well at Mala Mala! Keep the pics coming!


5 04 2011
Maureen & Frank Lorusso

Excellent job Kurt! We thoroughly enjoy your photos and the fact that you love doing this really shows!
Maureen & Frank

5 04 2011

Thanks for the kind words! I will definately keep the pics coming!

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