Fotocam 2010

24 01 2011

Well, it looks as if 2010 had one last little surprise for me!

I was informed by Fotocam, a Spanish based wildlife photography competition, that two of the images I entered have been awarded an ‘honourable mention’ in their 2010 competition.

I am quite chuffed, as there were more than 2000 entrants from 36 countries, and more than 17 000 entries!

2010 was the year of bio-diversity, and the competition created a category under the same name. I was lucky enough to be a part of the bio-diversity category with the image called ‘Cleaning service’. The image portrays the relationship between impala and red billed oxpeckers.

The second category I did well in, is a bit more familiar to me. The image ‘Dust bath’ was awarded in the creative category. It is a moody, black and white image of an old male elephant enjoying an afternoon dust bath.

All in all, I am rather pleased with the results! I will certainly be entering again this year, and hope to go one better with a category win! We will see…




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