Cheetah 1-0 Impala

11 01 2011

After days of waiting, I was rewarded with the quickest mammal action in the bush!
A female cheetah had been waiting patiently all day for the herd of impala with the babies to leave the thick bush line, and step out into the open area, where she could use her 120km/h run to full effect! She was promted by another herd of male impala, which accidently stumbled upon her and her 2 year old daughter. The male impala’s let out an alarm call, which pushed her into the chase. She ran almost callously through the large clearing, and managed to go unnoticed by the young impala, until she was in the strike zone.
The turn of speed was simply amazing, and watching her reach full speed can only be described as awe inspiring! The distance covered by the animals during the chase is also staggering! Trying to keep the camera up with the action is an interesting challenge!
The young impala made his final mistake, by trying to corner too sharply – a ploy often successfully used by impala against cheetah – and slipped, causing it to take a tumble. The cheetah gained valuble yards on the youngster, and using their ankle tap technique, completed a textbook catch.
The cheetah’s female cub, was not too far behind the action, learning as she joined her mother at the kill. Cheetah’s learn by watching their mothers, and this was a valuble lesson in patience and improvisation.
The meal went undisturbed, and both cheetahs managed to get a good feed!



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18 04 2011
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[…] is setting new records.  The first time I saw her kill, (published in a previous post:, was when she caught a young impala right out in the open.  She had a sub adult female daughter […]

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