2010 entries – the season begins!

25 03 2010

The 2010 competition season has started, with the Viola/BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year closing it’s call for entries earlier this month.  Despite major technical difficulties, I managed to enter 20 images, which I think all have an outside chance of being recognized!

I have gone back to the mindset of trying to ‘out create’ the rest of the competition, by entering some more daring images – images that perhaps not everyone will like, but will (try to) push the boundaries a little!

The entrants are only allowed to enter 3 images per category, and makes for the uncomfortable task of deciding which 3 are the best!  It is not always easy throwing out the 4th best image, but let’s hope my choices were on target this year!  I reached the finals last year with ‘White Flight’, and hope to do one better by getting an image through to the finals, and accepted by the competition.

Here they are:

So there they are! Let’s hope that the judges take a fancy to one or two of the images!
I will keep you all updated as to how the competition pans out, as well as the rest of the season!




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