A slightly quiet start to the year.

3 02 2010

January has been a tricky month. I was in JHB for 2 weeks, and it left little time to accumulate some real winners. Added to that, is the rather quiet game viewing that we have been having. I have put together some of the better pics from last month for you to sift through and enjoy, and hope to be beating that performance come the end of February!

The year seemingly got off to a cracking start, as the wild dogs, one of my favorite’s, came onto the property, and gave us 4 days of madness! It is always chaotic trying to keep up with the dogs, never mind photographing them!
It slowed down dramatically from there…
Towards the end of the month however, a pride of lions that we don’t often get to see, started spending more and more time on the property. This was made extra special by the fact that they have a little 3 month old cub! He has relaxed up to the vehicles nicely, and is allowing us some great photographic opportunities! The pride also has 3 dark maned males, which is a photographers dream! The bush is still so green, and the contrast between the dark mane, and the green grass is great!
I have had a idea for a picture for a while, and got very close to it in January. One of the lioness’ walked right next to my door, and I managed to squeeze myself into the pic! It is somewhere in the gallery, so if you want a cheap laugh, have a look and you can see what I look like when I am trying to concentrate!

So there we go.  I hope you enjoyed what January had to offer, and I will certainly be posting the results of February at the end of the month.

I have been working on a new project as well, which is slowly starting to take shape.  As soon as it is fully ready, I will post it on the blog for you all to have a look at!

Also, competition season is once again here, so keep an eye on the blog for this years entries into all the different comps!




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