A little bit of December.

5 01 2010

2009 has come and gone, and has taken with it some pretty interesting times! It has also left us with some great images to remember it by!
It was very much a year of, ‘so close, yet so far’, as in all the big competitions, I very nearly made the cut, but just missed out! The biggest sting was reaching the finals of the BBC/Wildlife photographer of the year as well as the Fotolia photographer of the year, and the semi finals of the Natures Best Photographer of the year, and not finishing placed! Fingers crossed for next year!
On a slightly more successful note, I did manage to win the Animals Behaviour category in the Fuji Wildlife photographer of the year, only just missing out on the overall winner, and right at the end of the year, got placed third overall in the annual Getaway Gallery competition, as well as sneaking in a highly commended image.

I am still waiting for the hard drive to be fixed, and until it is, (hopefully within the next two weeks), I won’t be able to show you all of the winning images.
I do however have a small snippet of what was happening during December.
The month started deathly slowly, with the animals very reluctant to strike their usual poses for the camera, but picked up in the last week of the year!

I wish you all a fantastic 2010! I will be posting some more images up as soon as I get the hard drive back, so keep an eye on this space!

There is some more exciting news in the pipeline, but can’t give too much away right now, so again, watch this space!




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