Fuji 2009 – Animals Behaviour winner!

18 10 2009

Well, well…every now and again a good bit of news comes my way!

The results of the Fuji/Getaway wildlife photographer of the year have been released, and I am thrilled to say I managed a catagory win, in the animals behaviour catagory!  I have had mixed success with the competition, but am chuffed none the less!

The winner is a picture that all the regulars will be familiar with, as it came from a rather productive day on the trap!

Fuji - Animal Behaviour WinnerThis little ele was sticking close to mum, as the herd ran through the trap on their way down to the water.

The dust had been kicked up by the rest of the herd, and adds quite a pleasing effect to the image.  I love the angle of the shot, and the fact that the mum has been chopped in half – this really accentuates the size of these magnificent beasts!

This was one of the luckier shots that the trap hit, because the time of day was perfect for the settings, and the faulty flash!

It is always great to have my images recognized by other photographers, and this provides alot more motivation to try and improve!

I will certainly be doing my best, and will keep you all updated as to any progress I make!

(I have returned safely from Botswana, and will be putting together a story of the trip – with pics of course – as soon as I can sort my PC out.  Apparently, dust and PC’s don’t go well together?!)




3 responses

24 10 2009

pics are looking awesome… cant wait to see the photo story of botswana!!

26 10 2009

what a boytjie!!!!
i am rapidly turning green with envy of your fantastic ability…
don’t ever give up!!!

26 10 2009

Thanks guys for having a look and taking the time to comment!

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