The fairest Cape

2 10 2009

I have been away for a short while, but am back, and I bring gifts!  I got to spend a week in Cape Town, and did my best to make the most of it.
We timed our trip well, as we caught the Hermanus whale festival, and the Boulders bay penguin festival, neither of which dissapointed!
Lets start with the whales. I went down to the Cape hoping to see one or two, and if I got really lucky, I desperately wanted to see one breaching, (an act of thowing all 40 tonnes of it out of the water), but didn’t ever expect to get decent pitures of one breaching! Literally, the first thing we saw at the whale festival, was a mother and calf Southern Right whale, and the mother was breaching regularly! So regularly, that I managed a few good sequences! (I have been to try photograph whales breaching before, and have come up short a few times!)
The penguins were a little harder to work with, as they were all busy moulting! (They are one of only 2 birds that fully moult – lose all thier feathers at once). After a couple visits to the famous Boulders colony, we found another entrance, and snuck (legally, of course) between some rocks, where we found a handfull of penguins that were more than willing to be photographed! I was pleased with the results, as I have also never managed a good image of the African penguin.

I tried diving with the great white shark, and was slightly successful, but never got any good action above water – so no pics there! (I suppose I did need a good reason to go back!

When you browse through the gallery below, you may spot some unusual images! I have popped a couple scenic shots in, as well as an opportunistic shot of a cheeky starling, that joined us for breakfast on the top of table mountain!

I do have some good news coming your way soon…so keep checking the blog!

Outside of the good news, i am also heading slighly north, to Botswana!  I am thrilled!  I have never done any photography in Bots, but have only heard good things, so I can’t wait!

Keep well until then.




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