Strange luck.

30 06 2009

Well, I have some good news coming back from the trap, but it required more luck than I have available!
On the final walk through, neither of us looked at the camera to see if the flash fired, so neither of us noticed that it didn’t… This has been a sore point for a while, so I am not all that pleased that I missed it! (The worst part is I have the pic of us not watching the camera!)
We did get our first buffalo – which also took a suprisingly long time – so that was nice, but something happened to the camera box’s lens cover? No idea what it could be. I have ruled out condensation and dust, which leaves me with my finger in my nose wondering…
A herd of ele’s came running past the trap however, and everything worked, (except the flash). The dust that they kicked up created a lovely feel to all the pics, and the sun was sort of in the right place! These are some of the best pics I have got out of the trap so far!
So, head over to the camera trap updates page, and have a look at the latest pics!






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