Another attack survived!

28 06 2009

What a day the trap has had! I went down to check up on things, and on the way down to the trap, bumped into a female leopard! Not just any female either, but the female that has been gracing the trap with her presence on a now slightly regular basis! (Our suspisions were confirmed that she is infact a proud mother, when we found her on drive 2 nights ago, moving her little cub – I estimate around 2 months – down to the river!)
She emerged from the trap, and I thought we were in for a goody! While moving (slowly) forward, we found the transmitter lying 20 meters away from where we had left it! A quick look to the left revealed that the receiver was missing as well!
A herd of elephants had approached the trap from behind the transmitter, and carried in off with them, breaking the support stick in 3 places on the way!
Amazingly, the camera and flash, (which usually catch the brunt of the attacks), were left untouched! Another great bit of luck, is that the elphants didn’t take the trap into the river, which is only 4 meters away!
I had a closer look at the tracks, and dissapointingly, found that the black rhino, (which is what we are after), did go down to the river, straight through the trap, and stopped 1 meter in front of the camera box, to give it a sniff! (If it wasn’t so funny that the elephants got stuck in, I might be pulling my hair out about now…)
The trap was left for 2 days, but the elephants were the first to arrive, and dismantle the trap, which sadly means no pics for us today!
It is still very encouraging that the spot we have chosen is proving to be fruitful – so we will stick it out there for a few more days. The next spot has been chosen, and it’s a cracker!




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28 06 2009


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