Yes, yes, yes…and no!

26 06 2009

I have just come back from the trap, and I bring good news!
The trap was really busy over the last 2 nights! First in the trap, (excluding birds), was a female leopard, who (luckily) walked back in front of the trap to see the receiver, and gave us a nice side shot! (It looks like the same female – believe it or not – as the other trap pics, but I will have to double check!) Next through was a hed of ele’s, that came seriously close to the trap but fortunately left it alone, closely followed by a giraffe! Now, the trap is not exactly set to get giraffe, so it’s more just a study of it’s legs! (for what it’s worth, it’s a male…)
Lastly, it looks like the black rhino we have been waiting for, graced us with it’s prescence! Unbelievable luck!
The flash struggled a little, so the shot is not great, but it is still hugely exciting stuff!

Have a look at the ‘camera trap updates’ page, to get the latest pics!

Aside from the trap, I did spend an hour and a half last night freezing in the good name of photography, for what I think is a worth while shot. I will post it on the wildlife page soon, so keep an eye out for that!

With all the success of the last 2 nights, I have left the trap where it is, and we will keep hoping for more fun and games!

Black rhino

Black rhino

On a slight downer, the wind blew the camo netting over the transmitter…again! I have now secured the camo netting properly, so lets hope we have seen the last of this severe irritation!




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