A change.

22 06 2009

I started the morning thinking I still have another day to wait to check the trap. I did however, bump into a black rhino, crossing the Sabie river, which showed me the path that he has been using. (We have known for a while that the black rhino’s come in and out through the river, but have never been able to pin point the exact path – check previous posts for lack of success there!)

I did get a break in the trap last night though – an elephant walked about 30cm in front of the camera! I am chuffed he didn’t stand on it…

The trap has now been moved, in a daring late afternoon effort, to the path I saw the black rhino on this morning. Again, only time will tell if we are lucky.

I have committed to checking it every day, just to make sure it has not been pushed into the Sabie river! (It is awefully close!)

The last effort for the black rhino did not go so well, so hopefully I have learnt something, and we get a cracker!




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