The double.

12 06 2009

There are 2 things to talk about today.
The first, and what we have all been waiting for, is the update on the lions. I am delighted to tell you that there are some crackers! In the last pic, have a look how close the lions actually were to the camera!
There were 13 other shots, where the flash fired, but the cubs had pulled the camo netting over the front of the camera box. It is a real pity, because the faces of the lions are about 30-40cm in front of the camera! After closer inspection of the equipment, I found a genuine lion tooth mark on the receiver! The tooth managed to get into the hole in the protective casing, but didn’t puncture the receiver too badly! There is apparently a video clip of the cubs getting stuck into the trap, so I will see if I can get hold of it, and I will post it!
Check out ‘camera trap updates’ for other pics on that story!



The second, is the new setup of the trap. We chose a new path, aiming for black rhino! I figure we might as well keep aiming high while the luck is with us! I tried a whole new setup, so I am keen to see if it produces any good results. The flash has also been wired differently, so I am dead keen to see if we can put all that dissapointment to rest! Only time will tell…

I have to offer my greatest thanks to my loyal assistant, for gathering up the trap while I was away!




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