News from the trap!

30 05 2009

When I left the trap in the bush for 2 weeks, I was expecting the odd break here and there, but when I got a call to say the trap needs to be brought back in, I was not at all miff!

The local pride of 17 lions walked through the trap, setting the camera off!  The flash seemed to irritate one of the females, and she started chewing on the trap!  The rest of the pride got stuck in, and pulled the whole trap apart!  The cables had all been removed, the camera box had been rolled around, and the flah box caught the brunt of the attack!  Lots of bite marks and drool later, the trap seems to be fine, even though it is spread throughout the bush!

My loyal assistant has had a look at the pics, and there are apparently some crackers!  I am so keen to see what the outcome was, but we will all have to wait and see!

It is now a long 10 day wait to see what has happened, but keep watching this space for picture updates!

Have a look in the camera trap updates page to see a gallery of what has happened so far!




One response

6 06 2009
Shawn Caithness

Really enjoyed reading your blog. Looking forward to the follow ups and seeing the pics!! Awesome idea!!

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